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This year we got together as a family to celebrate Charles Patton's 90th birthday in Wyoming.  While it wasn't quite as large as the 98 reunion it was well represented from branches of the family from as far as Florida, California, Oklahoma and Nebraska besides family who live in Colorado or Wyoming.  And while Nanette couldn't be there because she's in Iraq, we made her presence felt anyway with the help of my wide format printer and some foam core board!

CJ got the chance to fish for the first time.  He fished with his Great Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Dona, cousins Eric and Suzanne at the pond at Bear Lodge which is where all of us have been taught.  He was so very excited to fish and proudly caught 2 cutthroats.

We had the party at The Passage Resort near Burgess Junction in the Bighorns.  While it wasn't perfect as the hotel was not finished in its construction, I'll give it another try the next time we go to Wyoming.  By then hopefully they'll have figured out all they need to do for wheelchair accessibility.  The party itself turned out to be great.  The food was good and plentiful, and there was plenty of room to move around.

We also had the chance to just enjoy the great views.  On our way up the mountain on Saturday we saw my first black bear I can remember seeing in the Bighorns.  We traveled in convoy down Copper Creek Rd and got some great shots of the meadows, mountains and the south fork of the Tongue River.  David, CJ, Grandma, and Grandpa also went to north fork to get more photos.  Since Grandpa will have his back surgery shortly, he wanted photos for painting and I also plan to trying a few of the Bighorns.  And luckily we found a little patch of dirty snow so CJ could at least see what it was like as he's never been exposed being the Florida kid that he is.


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