Texas Jan 2007

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We couldn't resist a trip to Texas again since Grandpa decided to come down from Wyoming.  It was great to see everyone.  Kyra has grown so much and Caitlin is still great with the kids.  And it put into perspective how much CJ had grown comparing how we worried about him bumping his head on the kitchen counter in July compared to now the top of his head is well over it to where CJ knew to dodge it.  Hopefully we'll be back for another weekend trip in the fall.


CJ playing with the classic shape sorter

CJ meeting his cousin Kyra again... along with Caitlin, Grandma, and France

Caitlin and CJ playing

Kyra's turn at the shape sorter

Sisters at play

Kyra and CJ playing together

Kyra and France dancing

Kyra and France checking each other out

CJ and Grandpa flying on Grandpa's computer

Caitlin and France

CJ kissing his Great Grandpa

Another 4 generation photo to savor... with a little photo magic as everyone's smiles were better on this one but dad blinked so a little copying and pasting ;D

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