Cruise 2003

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For our romantic getaway of the year, we went on a week long cruise to the Western Caribbean.  Stops included Georgetown, Cayman Islands; Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico; and Belize City, Belize departing out of Miami.  It was a fun week despite cooler temperatures than we expected.  We played bingo again on this cruise, every session in fact.  On our first cruise we won once, this time twice.  I honestly can't say what part was my favorite since we had a good time the entire week.  Now we can't wait till our next one!

Enjoy the photos!

Day 1


welcome aboard.jpg (70682 bytes)
Welcome aboard 
David balcony 121403.jpg (86122 bytes)
David on the balcony 
Francesca balcony 121403.jpg (89603 bytes)
Francesca on the balcony 

Day 2


Horseracing cruise style 121503.jpg (123162 bytes)
Horseracing... Cruise Style
Francesca w Finus Henderson 121503.jpg (76863 bytes)
Francesca with Headliner Finus Hendersen
Dinner 1st formal.jpg (42506 bytes)
David and Francesca at first formal dinner
1st formal.jpg (80478 bytes)
David and Francesca with the centrum behind us on the first formal night
with captain.jpg (47075 bytes)
David and Francesca with Voyager captain, Capt Svein Pettersen

Day 3

Cannon Georgetown 121603.jpg (131954 bytes)
Old cannon, Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
old pirate ship Georgetown 121603.jpg (93065 bytes)
Pirate ship Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Voyager anchored georgetown 121603.jpg (99177 bytes)
Voyager of the Seas anchored
Balcony Georgetown 121603.jpg (99578 bytes)
Our cabin's balcony
Smart Casual.jpg (95924 bytes)
Smart Casual

Day 4

Costa Maya port 121703.jpg (88956 bytes)
Port of Costa Maya, Mexico.  We were the first ship in that morning.
costa maya.jpg (47304 bytes)
David and Francesca after just leaving the ship
Us ship Costa Maya 121703.jpg (110908 bytes)
David and Francesca with the ship in the background
Us Costa Maya 121703.jpg (115437 bytes)
David and Francesca with the Costa Maya Welcome statue
Francesca birthday room 121703.jpg (113649 bytes)
Our room steward Pornell of Jamaica surprised us with room decorations and a bottle of champagne in honor of Francesca's birthday

Mardi Gras Parade

mardi gras 1 121703.jpg (103907 bytes)
mardi gras 2 121703.jpg (112364 bytes)
mardi gras 3 121703.jpg (96745 bytes)
mardi gras 4 121703.jpg (100010 bytes)
mardi gras 5 121703.jpg (120624 bytes)
mardi gras 6 121703.jpg (104031 bytes)

Day 5


big ship little ship cozumel 121803.jpg (103013 bytes)
Notice how the Voyager dwarfs the ship alongside it
Blue waters Cozumel 121803.jpg (92515 bytes)
Beautiful blend of blue waters
Christmas tree cozumel 121803.jpg (119791 bytes)
Christmas Tree
crashing waves cozumel 121803.jpg (107882 bytes)
Crashing waves
whirlpool 121803.jpg (99225 bytes)
One of the Solarium's whirlpools
birthday cake 121803.jpg (96540 bytes)
My birthday cake
Dinner 2nd formal.jpg (33020 bytes)
David and Francesca at dinner second formal night
2nd formal ship backdrop.jpg (64993 bytes)
David and Francesca with a ship backdrop
2nd formal xmas trees.jpg (115410 bytes)
David and Francesca with Christmas trees
buffet 121803.jpg (110925 bytes)
The midnight buffet

Day 6


David cabin 121903.jpg (89639 bytes)
David in the cabin
bridge 121903.jpg (94002 bytes)
The bridge
sunset belize 121903.jpg (84185 bytes)
Sunset in Belize

Day 7

view balcony 122003.jpg (112883 bytes)
Rough Seas
Francesca awaiting bingo 122003.jpg (94910 bytes)
Francesca awaiting morning bingo
listening to music 122003.jpg (98008 bytes)
Listening to the showband, 5th Element, during their last set of the cruise

Day 8

sunrise Miami 122103.jpg (99423 bytes)
Sunrise over Miami

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