Month 19

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7 May 2006

CJ and his spoon. He got it at breakfast and continued to play with it long after!

8 May 2006

CJ and Mommy

9 May 2006

View from corner by the closet

9 May 2006

View from bedroom door

9 May 2006

View from glider in corner

9 May 2006

CJ playing on his bed... on this occasion he climbed up with no help and never tried to walk on his bed. We can only hope that continues!

9 May 2006

CJ snuggling down on his bed for a moment.

11 May 2006

Mommy and CJ

14 May 2006

Another photo of CJ and Mommy

17 May 2006

CJ being goofy in his "newbie" t-shirt

2 Jun 2006

CJ and his duck

3 Jun 2006

CJ and Daddy chilling in the recliner

3 Jun 2006

CJ, Daddy and Duck on the sofa

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