Month 11

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8 Sept 2005

CJ being silly!

9 Sept 2005

CJ with whale

10 Sept 2005

CJ walking with Daddy

15 Sept 2005

CJ looking up from walking with Mommy's walker

15 Sept 2005

CJ walking with Mommy via her walker.. Mommy can't do it holding hands

16 Sept 2005

CJ's new standard grin!

16 Sept 2005

"I can get up there.. just have to pull myself up and step on the edge of the basket"

16 Sept 2005

Playing on the floor with his boppy

19 Sept 2005

CJ playing on the floor with his Aunt Katie

19 Sept 2005

On the couch with Aunt Katie

21 Sept 2005

CJ in his new suit jacket over his cowboy bodysuit.. quite the contrast! At least it fits!!

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