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For comparative purposes: Charles David Francesca
Weight (lbs.oz) Length (in) Weight (lbs.oz) Length (in) Weight (lbs.oz) Length (in)
Birth 7 .13 21.5 6.8 3/4 19.5 9.6 21
2 Months  (6 wks for F, 10 wks for D) 13. 4 24.75 13.1 25 13.4 23
4 Months 17.4 1/2 28 17.4 26.5 19.2 27
6 Months 20.6 29 19.14 28 21.12 29.25
9 months 23.10 30.5 21.12 29    
12 months 26.10 33.25 23.12 32.5 26.11 33.5
15 months 28.10 34 25.8   28.8 34
18 months (17.5 D) (17 F) 30.4 35 27.9 34.5 30.8 34.25
2 years 33 38        

9 Nov 2004

Just about to leave hospital

27 Aug 2005

Just about to retire the carrier to our storage instead of it being in a closet!

CJ's a year old now!!!  We went to the north Georgia mountains for his birthday celebration where he could have family around him *and* we could enjoy the colors of fall.  After we got back he had his check up and measured in at 33.25 inches tall (97th), weighed 26 pounds, 10 ounces (90th) and a head circumference of 48.2 cm (91st).  He is meeting all his milestones fine.. only thing he's lacking so far is teeth which we shouldn't worry about that till he's 15 months if he's still toothless.

At 9 months CJ is huge!  CJ's stats are 30.5" tall (95%), 23lbs 10oz (86%), and a head circumference of 47cm (87%).   And I'm not sure but the percentile for length seems on the low side depending on where you look.  Before you know it we'll be celebrating his 1st birthday!

It's hard to believe CJ's half a year old.  He measured at 29 inches long (97th percentile) and weighed 20 lbs 6 oz (85th).  He's now rolling a ton (even once off our bed to my great dismay) and can stand for short periods of time leaning against David.  He eats 2 solids meals a day at this point.  Between 9 and 10am he has 2-3 tbsp of cereal be it rice or oatmeal and in the evening between 5 and 6pm he has 2-4 oz of a fruit and/or veggie.  He loves oatmeal, pears, peaches, sweet potatoes, and green beans with green beans a favorite warranting many happy squeals.   He's indifferent to rice cereal, carrots, and applesauce.  He can't stand squash and only liked avocado for a day but now won't take a bite. 

CJ is growing so quickly!  At 4 months old and measuring 28 inches long (97th %), weighing 17 pounds 4 and a half ounces (81st %) with a head circumference of 42 and a half centimeters (46th %), we are transitioning him into size 12 months.  He was baptized Lutheran (ELCA) on February 27th.  It was a beautiful service.

At his 2 month check up CJ measured in at 13 and a quarter pounds (68th percentile), a length of 24 and three quarter inches (89th percentile), and a head circumference of 41 centimeters (67th percentile).  He's now smiling and laughing on a daily basis.  He can hold his neck up for over a minute as well as his chest while leaning against Mommy or during tummy time.

CJ was born measuring 21.5 inches (96th) and weighing 7 pounds and 13 ounces (49th).  He was delivered via a C-section after 18 hours of labor. 

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