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antietem bridge.jpg (4126623 bytes)

Bloody Bridge at Antietem

basket.jpg (1256525 bytes)

Ceramic Basket (pointalism)

steamboat bighorns wy.jpg (2848929 bytes)

Steamboat Rock Bighorns WY


bridge at ranier.jpg (3287522 bytes)

Bridge at Mt Ranier National Park

man on plane 93.jpg (2533837 bytes)

Sleeping Passenger

shell canyon wy 98.jpg (2651536 bytes)

Shell Canyon Bighorns WY


chimmney rock nc aug 95.jpg (2766509 bytes)

Chimney Rock North Carolina

cristabel.jpg (3598343 bytes)


sunken road.jpg (2762097 bytes)

Sunken Road 


dam nc aug 95.jpg (3877320 bytes)

Resevoir in Highlands Georgia

david and july 95.jpg (3111747 bytes)

David and July

sheridan country club wy 062898.jpg (1433930 bytes)

Off the First Tee Sheridan Country Club


david pencil 98.jpg (1918486 bytes)


hawaii pastel.jpg (320936 bytes)

Hawaiian Coast

waterfall.jpg (3062960 bytes)


lounging around.jpg (3124251 bytes)

Lounging Cat

cabin in winder ga.jpg (1223659 bytes)

Historic Cabin in Winder Georgia


valley forge statue 92.jpg (3581800 bytes)

Statue in Valley Forge

mesa pointilism.jpg (2092749 bytes)

Mesa in Pointalism

self portrait 95.jpg (2139467 bytes)

Self Portrait


olympic centennial park GA 96.jpg (2439431 bytes)

Centennial Olympic Park


mt ranier national park 93.jpg (3329657 bytes)

Mt Ranier National Park



tetons 98.jpg (1921399 bytes)

Grand Tetons WY



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